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Like fine wine or gourmet cheese, laundry parts manufacturers seem to get better with age, offering a level of service culled from hundreds of thousands of interactions with customers just like you. By this measure, Dexter Laundry is one of the top brands we sell. With over a century of experience offering commercial and on-premise laundry machines and washer and dryer parts, Dexter helps community and family-owned laundromats in your community better serve their customers.

Dexter Laundry began in the late 1800's and acquired its name from Dexter, a world champion race horse. The horse was the model for weather vanes seen on top of barns across the country and the subject for a famous Currier and Ives painting of Dexter driven by President Grant. As washing machines became more common, Dexter's founder created wooden models, powered by foot pedals and hand cranks, improving over existing models for efficiency and durability, and bringing modern conveniences to communities large and small.

Over 100 years later, Dexter is still going strong, graduating from wooden barrels and foot cranks to fan belts and stainless steel drums. Offering a complete line of coin, debit card and industrial/on-premise front-load washers and dryers, Dexter invests millions into its laundry division each year to ensure that you get products of the highest quality and, of course, unrivaled customer service from years of faithful service to you, the customer.