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As America's largest company, General Electric has its fingers in a lot of pies. From light bulbs to microwaves to motor vehicles to mortgages, if you can sell it, GE has a multinational division for it. But with that size and name recognition comes a commitment to quality. The company's laundry parts division is world renowned for its selection and service, bringing you every knob, hose and coil you need for your laundry machines. And since GE also produces a wide selection of laundry machines, their washer and dryer parts are guaranteed to match their machines perfectly.

Working directly with business owners, GE offers many laundry machine varieties for assisted living facilities, dormitories, apartment buildings and laundromats. With so much experience working with different types of machines and varieties, they have a wide variety of parts to suit not only their own machines but other company machines as well. And with the name GE on the product, you know you are getting world-renowned quality and top-notch materials. Who knew two letters could be so helpful.

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