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The Girbau brand is rooted in the electronic machining legacy of Pere Girbau Barboso, great grandfather of the present management and a man who was convinced that the future lay in electricity. Doing repairs on everything from radios to x-ray tables, the Girbau family has a history of helping friends and neighbors fix the tools that make everyday life a little easier. 50 years ago, the family realized that the company's future lay in fixing industrial machinery for laundries and offering the best in aundry parts. Their business has never been the same since.

This commitment to hard-nosed craftsmanship and family loyalty ensures that every product Girbau sells is sure to last as long and hold as strong as this family business. With a full line of belts, clamps, cylinders and even computer boards and microprocessers, this old-school electronics firm has evolved with the machines they service to ensure that no matter what washer and dryer part you are looking for, they can help.

Girbau's partnership with us brings all the craftsmanship and quality of the community repair shop to you with national distribution and customer service to ensure that your order not only contains parts that are built to last but that your order will arrive on time and meet all your expectations, just as the Girbau family has done for 90 years.

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