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Whether you have a laundromat or you operate a commercial laundry facility of another kind, it is important to have easy ways to transport laundry from one place to another within the facility. Providing your customers or your employees with The Laundrocart® to make their tasks easier will be appreciated, helping you to establish a solid relationship with your customers and your employees.

The Benefits

Providing The Laundrocart® in your facility allows those who use your facility to easily carry the laundry to the washing machine. Once the washing process is completed, The Laundrocart® allows for quick and easy transportation to the dryers. This prevents getting yourself wet or making multiple trips between the washers and the dryers. The Laundrocart® can also help you transport your dry laundry to the folding table to help prevent dropping your clean laundry on the dirty floor. All of these benefits make doing laundry more convenient for either your customers or your employees.

The Features

The Laundrocart® features a heavy-duty basket that is still lightweight. A large basket provides plenty of room for holding multiple loads of laundry. The Laundrocart® is mounted on 4 inch casters, allowing you to easily maneuver the cart from place to place. The Laundrocart® also features a bar across the top to allow for hanging items of clothing, as well as a rubber bumper around the edges of the cart to prevent damage to your machines, walls and tables present in the laundry facility.