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On par with Tony The Tiger or the E-Trade Baby, the Maytag repairman has become one of America's most-beloved commercial characters. This anti-spokesman reluctantly speaks for Maytag's unrivaled service and support by complaining about the sorry state of his repair business because Maytag washers and dryers never need repair. It is a gag that came right from real customer experience, as Maytag has made a 118-year career on its ability to create durable, lasting washer and dryer parts and machines that require no maintenance.

Founded in 1893 by businessman Fredrick Maytag, the Newton, Iowa firm proved itself as durable a company as the machines it produced. Changing its name from the Maytag Washing Machine Company to Maytag Inc, the firm survived the Great Depression, famously becoming one of the only firms to actually turn a profit in the years that saw millions out of work and thousands of companies shuttered. During World War II, the company participated in war production by making special components for military equipment. In 1946, production of washing machines was resumed; in 1949, the first automatic washers were produced in a new, dedicated factory.

It was this post-WWII expansion that saw the company expand into the commercial laundry industry, producing washing machines and laundry parts for businesses all through the 1950's and beyond. This lucrative wing of the business continues today as Maytag produces some of the most durable, trusted parts in the world. Now under the Whirlpool umbrella, Maytag continues to survive on durability, low cost of ownership and, most of all, hard-nosed survival.

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