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Started in New Orleans, LA in 1947 as a family business, Milnor Laundry timed their entrance into commercial laundry parts perfectly. The 1950's brought an explosion of commercial laundry businesses in cities across the world as people who couldn't afford to have laundry machines in their homes could cheaply access the conveniences of laundry service. 64 years later, the company is still a top producer of washers, dryers and washer-extractors.

Working from a 400,000 square foot complex outside New Orleans, the company employs over 530 washing machine part experts, all working to ensure that your laundry equipment is of the highest quality.

After all these years, Milnor is still a family-owned business and still a true manufacturing plant, not just an assembly line. All Milnor machines are built in-house and made by workers in the US so you are sure to get a machine and parts that will last.

With distribution from us, you can ensure that the parts you get from Milnor will not only be of the highest quality, from American workers, but will arrive on time exactly as you envisioned so your business can continue building its own success story.

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