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Vend-Rite is a company founded on a simple principal: if it can be vended in your laundry facility, they will bring it to you. From soap dispensers to price decals, these aundry parts are critical to your laundry business, no matter if you are creating a wash room in a hotel, hospital, condominium or Laundromat.

Founded in 1952, Vend-Rite started manufacturing vending machines and soon expanded to a full-service commercial laundry parts manufacturer, bringing everything from laundry bag vendors to signage so that laundry owners can focus on increasing business in other ways. This full-service suite of products has continuously made life easier for the modern laundry owner or operator, offering products that often need to be refilled, creating a sustainable business model for the last half century.

Partnering with us ensures that Vend-Rite products are never out of reach. Get all the best Vend-Rite supplies directly from us, giving you the convenience you offer to your customers.

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