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Wascomat Laundry is more than a commercial laundry parts company. They are a full-service business partner, working with small business owners to maximize profits from coin-operated washers and dryers. Going the extra mile to offer free consultation on low-cost financing and return-on-investment, Wascomat makes their equipment that much more valuable by helping clients within their individual business framework. In short, they help businesses make washers and dryers work for them, not the other way around.

With a full line of washer and dryer parts, machines and wetcleaning equipment, Wascomat doesn't skimp on quality. Their innovative machines are not only engineered to last longer and get clothes clean using less energy, but also to keep better track of profits and make machines easier to use for customers. While laundry can be as simple as a wash and a dry, Wascomat knows that your laundry business requires more than just top-notch equipment.

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